The IrishOn3 initiative encourages student-athletes to attend the sporting events of their peers throughout the year.

26 Sports.

Since there are 26 sports on the team roster here at ND, many of which differ in size, we’ve devised a weighted program that will allow the smaller teams to compete fairly with the larger teams without allowing any one team to have an unfair advantage over the others.

1 team.

The goal of the IrishOn3 Initiative on a larger scale is to unify all Notre Dame student-athletes by emphasizing that we are not only a part of a 26-team program, but more importantly, that we are all a part of one team: The Fighting Irish.

I will.

Like with every team, though the goal is collective, every individual’s efforts make a difference. The IrishOn3 Initiative similarly values each individual in the point-awarding process and push towards the final goal of improved cross-team student-athlete support.