2018 Spring WORKSHOPS

Friday, Jan 19th-Saturday, Jan 20 @ 5:00 PM Pretty Lake Camp

Workshop #1
Monday, Jan 22nd @ 7:00 PM Club Naimoli

Workshop #2
Monday, Feb 5th @ 6:30 PM Monogram Room

Workshop #3
Monday, Feb 26th @ 6:30 PM Monogram Room

Workshop #4
Monday, March 19th @ 7:00 PM Warren Golf Course

*Dinner served 30 minutes prior to start of worshops

Team Reflection Worksheets

Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Workshop 3

Workshop 4



The mission of the Rosenthal Leadership Academy is to develop and enhance strong leadership on Notre Dame athletic teams by providing emerging and existing leaders with progressive annual programming.

Notre Dame is a unique institution with a distinctive population of student-athletes. Programming specifics and logistics are developed in conjunction with administration and coaches, considering unique needs.

A student-athlete is nominated through a peer nomination process, after which the final roster is developed with the consultation of coaches and support staff.

See more from our Rosenthal Leadership Academy retreats: Summer 2013Fall 2013Summer 2014,
Fall 2014.

Targeted Growth Areas


Communication skills, problem-solving skills, democratic behaviors


Personal values clarification, personality strengths, areas for growth, influence of life experiences on leadership style

commitment to institutional and team goals

Investment in task-oriented behaviors, institutional involvement and engagement, taking ownership and empowering teammates in pursuit of team goals


empathy and perspective taking

Social support, concern for team welfare, altruistic behavior, emotional and social intelligence

A select group of Notre Dame student-athletes attended the Rosenthal Leadership Academy retreat at Pretty Lake Camp in the Fall of 2014.